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Claims & Insurance Department

Our Institutional & Public Relations Office centralized and manages all administrative or judicial claims may arise from either private or public entities; properly dealing with Customs and Coastguard fines, judiciary issues and insurance formalities.
We’re closely in touch with vessel’s Owners, their P&I insurances and building bridges between them and our customers and our insurance (ITIC)
We take care of formalities when naval casualties arise, either they are caused by ships or not and affecting the ship itself or the port facilities.
In case necessary, we act to save our principals’ interests by vessels’ precautionary arrests and embargoes.
We also assist and take care of stowaways, saving Owners’ best interests and dealing with authorities, granting their repatriation in those cases is mandatory.
These claims, summaries, controversies and legal steps, may take years to be solved. That’s why we are constantly monitoring them to their completion and being continuously alert.

- ISO 9001:2015
Our Quality Management System, in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2015 comprised: Shipping Agency and Statistics Services, Alpemar develops its activities based on standards specifics of each sector and their processes' validation.
Alpemar SA`s Quality Policy:
“Our goal is to continuosly exceed our customer`s expectations”


ALPEMAR S.A. is member of:

BIMCO is a shipping association providing a wide range of services to its global membership of stakeholders who have vested interests in the shipping industry, including shipowners, operators, managers, brokers and agents.
The association’s main objective is to facilitate the commercial operations of its membership by means of developing standard contracts and clauses, and providing quality information, advice, and education.
BIMCO promotes fair business practices, free trade and open access to markets and is a strong advocate for the harmonisation and standardisation of all shipping related activity.
Accredited as a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) with all relevant United Nations agencies and other regulatory entities, BIMCO actively promotes the application of international agreed regulatory instruments.

ITIC International Transport Intermediaries Club Limited.
We are fully covered by Messrs ITIC who is the leading provider of professional indemnity insurance to the marine sector. Globally, ITIC provides professional indemnity insurance as per our policy

FONASBA The Federation of National Associations of Shipbrokers & Agents (FONASBA) provides a united voice for the world’s shipbrokers and agents. Founded in 1969, the organisation promotes fair and equitable practices and ensures that the needs of our members are understood at both a governmental level and across the maritime industry
Our Certificate of Quality Standard for Ship Brokers and Agents certify that ALPEMAR SA has been awarded the FONSABA quality standard with effect from 2008 year.

Navigation Center Founded in the year of 1900, with strong participation and presence, the objectives are clearly set out in its Constitution, which expressly say, "CENTER aims to promote sailing between Argentina and other countries standardize, as far as possible, maritime procedures with customs and practices of the world's major ports and general conveniences, try to prevent by legal means obstacles, disadvantages and damages imposed or proposed to impose navigation, submit to Parliament, or government departments requests that are created useful navigation.

CICHA Chamber of Industry and Commerce Hellenic – Argentine.
We are members of the Hellenic - Argentine chamber since 2011 in close partnership with clients and colleagues.


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