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The city of Zárate has 80.000 inhabitants, an important commercial activity and several industries; among them, the paper, chemical and beer industries. There is also a car factory. Located on the north edge of the Buenos Aires metropolitan area, it is connected by the Rosario-Buenos Aires highway (highway Nº9) and has excellent connections to the rest of the country,especially with the Mesopotamic provinces, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay through the road/railway Zárate Brazo Largo bridge over the Paraná River. There are two railways serving the city: NCA and General Urquiza, and the latter has connections with Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. Its importance to shipping has increased recently due to the establishment of two private cargo terminals.

Weather Forescast

Zárate Port

Tuesday 16 - January

Owners: Molca S.A.
Location: Paraná River - Km 123
Berth: Port side

Working time
Monday to Friday: 07.00hs to 19.00hs
Saturday: 07.00hs to 13.00hs
Shift: 6 Hours
Remaining times are considered as overtime

Port Facilities: Silo - Belt Conveyor - Cells
Fresh Water: Shore Connection
Bunker/ Slop operations: Only at Roads (by barge)

Frontage (in meters): 128
Max. LOA (in meters): 230
Depth (in meters): 11 (temporary draft)
Air Draft at Datum (in meters): 22,5
Cargo Suitability: Grain & By products

Loading / Discharging rates
Grain: 1800 Mt x Hour
By Products: 1200 Mt x Hour

Cargoes Loaded
Soyabean Oil
Soyabean Meal

Stowage Factors
Soyabeans: 48/49
SBM LP 44: 61

Port Status Since

Bahía BlancaOpen17/12/2017 - 0800 hs
CampanaOpen20/04/2017 - 0840 hs
NecocheaOpen26/12/2017 - 1150 hs
RamalloOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
RosarioOpen12/10/2017 - 1555 hs
San LorenzoOpen13/12/2017 - 1915 hs
San NicolásOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
V.ConstituciónOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
ZárateOpen02/06/2017 - 1040 hs
Zona ComunOpen17/12/2017 - 1225 hs
Recalada P.S.Open17/12/2017 - 1607 hs