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Dredging works at Martin Garcia Channel & Uruguay River

Date: 02/11/2018

Following our previous reports regarding to the subject, please kindly note last info gathered regarding the dredging works presently being carried out at Martín García channel as well as in the stretch Nueva Palmira / Fray Bentos.

The dredging works are still in progress.. As far as the Uruguayan river pilots know ,the same would be completed at the end of December / early January. 
So far the draft limitation remains without changes as the depth of the lowest point is still 9,75 meters to 0 level (Km 63,8 of the Farallon pass). 
Once the dredging works are finalized, the draft limitation as reference would be 10,36 meters to 0 level and using the riv er water level to comply with the compulsory 2 (two) feet of UKC. 
This expected change in the Martín García channel draft limitation will cause a big impact in the vessel called to Nueva Palmira port.

As per the information received from the press, the dredging works for achieving the 25 feet to 0 level in the channel. have already finalized.
As this information was not still confirmed by the authorities through the corresponding bathymetries, so far the draft limitation remains without changes as follows:
Depth at Marquez Pass (6,90 mtrs) + tide/water level at Nueva Palmira (normally 0,80 mtrs) - UKC (0,60 mtrs) = 7,10 mtrs based on average river water level at Nueva Palmira.

As was previously informed, nowadays the navigation Nueva Palmira / Fray Bentos - Fray Bentos / Nueva Palmira is carried out with daylight only, following the river Pilots recommendation since most of the light buoys are out of the correct position or turned off. 
With regards to this matter, we have been informed that during November or December, the beacoming of the first 90 kms of the Uruguay river would be ready, not only by placing the light buoys in the correct position and repairing the ones that are damaged, but also increasing the quantity of same to assure a safe navigation during the night passage.
On the other hand, we've been informed that the intention is to duly signpost up the channel until Paysandú port as from February 2019.

We'll keep you closely posted and updated.

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