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Necochea port upgrade (Investment Program)

Date: 10/08/2018

Within the truck weighing system modernization program in Site 10 (Necochea margin of Quequen river), the Necochea Port Management Consortium received the two new shore scales to complete the works and their installation.
The President of mentioned consortium, Dr. Arturo Rojas, assured that "updating the weighing and control infrastructure will not only give us greater transparency but also make us more efficient and predictable. This work decreases times and improves costs."

Complementary tenders
In the framework of Public Biddings, and with an investment of about U$S 250.000, the port management authorities seeks to improve the current operation of weighing and discharging trucks from Site 10, streamlining the logistics process.
Suitable for operating 24x7x365 at room temperature and in bad weather conditions, with the particularity of the wet and saline location of the maritime station, the scales were designed, manufactured and tested according to the Law of Metrology 19511/1972 and Resolution 2307/1980 "Non-automatic weighing instruments", complying with all national and international design regulations.
Likewise, all the necessary procedures, instructions, forms and records for the Quality Management System pursuance will be developed under ISO 9001 standards. The certification of the quality standards will be an essential and imperative requisite for the new system, by performing monthly audits to such end.
On the other hand, and besides the weighing system, they will also built another vehicles access, in a to be determinated venue, to avoid the entrance to the weighing circuit of other vehicles than trucks, even i f it is not working.

Port Status Since

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