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Trucks Drivers' strike * UPDATE February 08th *

Date: 08/02/2018
Good morning
Please note following update of Truck Drivers' strike:
1. Blockades at roads keep going.
2. Truck drivers call for the summoning by using the Social Networks. Many of their intentions, like blockades at Terminals or other spots, are not executed.
3. The Government informs they will maintain their position and will proceed with criminal complaints and the use of public force.
4. A Terminal's executive (close to the Government) estimates that, if criminal complaints continue, the strike will be lifted soon.
5. All terminals are affected by lack of trucks. To a lesser extent, those terminals that receive wagons and / or load by-products or Soy from Paraguay are affected.
6. The main exporter, AFA, informs that the situation is dinamic and they observed that Argentine National Gendarmerie are intervening the blockades.
Their storages closest to the ports (less than 100 k m) are dispatching trucks, normally.
Please note situation by Terminal as follows:
  • Renova: They are not receiving trucks due to mainteinance works. They will back to normal next week.
  • LDC Timbues: Vessel loading SBS Py. Low trucks entrance.
  • COFCO Agri: Vessel loading SBM. Then, one wheat vessel.
  • Terminal 6: With stock.
  • Quebracho: Vessel loading SBM in normal time. Next vessel in queue is loading wheat and depends on strike lifting. Othewise, she might be delayed for more than a week.
  • COFCO (PGSM): Out of service. Affected by explosion.
  • ADM Agro: Vessel loading SBM Py.
  • Pampa / Dempa: No vessel. Waiting for a maize vessel. Stock problems due to low trucks entrance.
  • ACA: Vessel loading wheat. Being supplied by train.
  • Akzo Nobel / Vicentín: Vessel loading wheat with too much delay. Depends on trucks arrival. Then one lecithin vessel and other one with SBM. No delay expected .
  • San Benito: Vessel loading SBM. Then one wheat vessel. Low stock and low trucks entrance.
  • TPR Terminal: Oil vessel loading. With stock.
  • Unit VI: One wheat vessel loading in normal time. Then one maize vessel. Low stock.
  • Unit VII: Two maize and one wheat vessels expected. Same situation as Unit VI.
  • Cargill Punta Alvear: Expecting two maize vessels. Better trucks entrance than San Lorenzo, but not enough.
  • LDC General Lagos: One SBM & Maize vessel loading. With stock. Then one wheat vessel with stock.
  • ADM Arroyo Seco: Low rate loading. Stock near to zero. Waiting six maize vessels.
We'll keep you posted and updated.

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