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Date: 19/03/2020

Despite the situation is being updated on a daily basis (and even, twice a day) the National Government's last disclosed measure related to the subject, is as follows, as per communication from Maritime Navigation Center:

We inform our Members that within the application of Resolution No 60/2020 of the Ministry of Transportation and as member entity of the Crisis Prevention Committee COVID-19 in River, Maritime and Lake Transport, this Centro has become aware of Note NO-2020-17600106-APN-SSCRY#MS jointly issued by the Undersecretariat of Quality, Regulation and Control of the Ministry of Health, the Secretariat of Transportation Management of the Ministry of Transport and the National Immigration Agency, by virtue of which it is clarified that it has not been banned the entry to national territory of all vessels affected to the entry/exit of goods to the country by cargo international trade operations.
In accordance with the foregoing, the foreign crew members non-resident in the country, justifiably, for the operation of the vessel, may disembark if he/she is asymptomatic and has sailed for more than fourteen (14) days, without docking in any Port of the affected area; or if he/she is asymptomatic and has not moved, moored, embarked during the last fourteen (14) days in the affected area established by the National Health Authority.
Moreover, all those crew members who have passed through the affected area during the last fourteen (14) days must comply with the rules and protocols issued by the National Ministry of Health regarding social distance whenever descending shall be necessary for the operation duly justified by the port authority, shall be asymptomatic and not a close contact of a suspicious case. Besides, foreign crew members non-resident in the country whose descent shall not be necessary for the operation shall not be able to disembark during the period of fifteen (15) running days.

We'll keep you closely updated and posted.

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