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Punta Alvear Terminal blocked

Please kindly note that as from today there is protest of Oil Workers Union affecting the operations in Cargill's Punta Alvear Terminal.
They declared a strike for an undetermined period and only affects this terminal.

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New Maximum Rates for Pilotage Services

Please kindly note that the Official Secretariat of Ports and Waterways, by Disposition 9-E/2018, approved the "Maximum Rates for Pilotage Services".
They shall become effective as from today.
Please note the Official Statement and Appendix with tariffs:

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Servicios Portuarios reopened / Unit VI & VII operative again

After being shut down on January 05th by the Labour Ministry due to irregularities on their proceedures, Servicios Portuarios was enabled once again today. 
Both Unit VI & Unit VII are resuming their operations since today 1315hs. 

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Port Status Since

Bahía BlancaOpen25/01/2018 - 0230 hs
NecocheaOpen22/06/2018 - 0945 hs
RamalloOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
RosarioOpen12/10/2017 - 1555 hs
San LorenzoOpen12/06/2018 - 1700 hs
San NicolásOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
V.ConstituciónOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
CampanaOpen20/04/2017 - 0840 hs
ZárateOpen02/06/2017 - 1040 hs
Zona ComunOpen13/06/2018 - 0830 hs
Recalada P.S.Closed21/06/2018 - 0410 hs