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VegOil Workers Day - Some Terminals will be affected

Please kindly note that October 29th will be the VegOil Workers Day and, therefore, some Terminals will be affected in their normal operations.
We're still gathering the info, but we can advance the following:

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Dredging works at Quequén (Necochea) port

Please kindly note that, on September 24th at 0700 hrs LT, the hopper dredger MANZANILLO II, owned by Messrs. JAN DE NUL, has arrived to Neochea port in order to commence the dredging maintenance works at this port
Intention is to work on approaching, inner channel & berths. 

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Strike at San Lorenzo port on September 04th

As was previously informed last week, on September 04th there will be a strike called by Workers General Confederation. (CGT)
The CGT informed in a press conference how will execute the protest.
The strike will commence on September 04th at 0000 hrs LT and will last 24 hours.

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Port Status Since

Bahía BlancaOpen01/11/2018 - 0805 hs
NecocheaOpen02/12/2018 - 0820 hs
RamalloOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
RosarioOpen12/10/2017 - 1555 hs
San LorenzoOpen11/12/2018 - 1010 hs
San NicolásOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
V.ConstituciónOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
CampanaOpen20/04/2017 - 0840 hs
ZárateOpen02/06/2017 - 1040 hs
Zona ComunOpen03/11/2018 - 0110 hs
Recalada P.S.Closed11/12/2018 - 1310 hs