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Oil Workers Union strike lifted

Veg Oil Workers Union and Veg Oil companies have reached an agreement and the strike would be lifted soon. All the Terminals that were affected by same, are back to normal operations.

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Strike by SOMU (Sailors Workers Union) // SOEA (Oil workers Union) Strike continues.

Pls note SOMU (Sailors Workers Union) informed that as they did not receive any positive answer to their claim from the CAR (Argentinian Tug Chamber) they went back on Strike since today, Dec 29th 0000hs for undetermined period of time.

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The strike spreads out

Please kinldy note that the Stevedores Union ‘(SUPA)’ and other Unions in San Lorenzo / Rosario port complex, have declared a 36 hours strike as from December 23rd at 0600 hrs LT, supporting the claim of Veg Oil workers Union (SOEA) which is effective since 10 days ago.

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Port Status Since

Bahía BlancaOpen16/03/2019 - 0300 hs
NecocheaOpen03/12/2019 - 0920 hs
RamalloOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
RosarioOpen19/03/2019 - 1710 hs
San LorenzoOpen16/09/2019 - 0820 hs
San NicolásOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
V.ConstituciónOpen12/10/2017 - 0730 hs
CampanaOpen20/04/2017 - 0840 hs
ZárateOpen02/06/2017 - 1040 hs
Zona ComunOpen15/07/2019 - 1240 hs
Recalada P.S.Open19/06/2019 - 0830 hs